Add Orchard to Zecwallet Mobile and Desktop Apps

The fullnode doesn’t support restoring from seed phrase (yet, I know zcashd is working on it). You want to use the Light wallet and restore from the seed phrase. After that, you can send it to your full node wallet.

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loads all the time… on mac OS 12.4
the same thing

I’m using 1.8.3 and it isn’t working on my mac. Are you using a separate zcashd node you compiled yourself, or solely the zecwallet full node package? Thanks!

The Orchard (beta) release for Zecwallet Lite (desktop) is now available: Releases · adityapk00/zecwallet-lite · GitHub

This is very close to the public release, so it supports all of Orchard’s features including:

  • Send from / Receive to the Orchard pool.
  • Migrate funds from Sapling → Orchard (Note that this will disclose the amount of funds, as it goes via the turnstile)
  • UA address support.

If you have any issues with this, please file issues in the github!

Next up are the mobile app releases, which should come in a couple of weeks.


Happy to announce the public release of Zecwallet Lite desktop with full Orchard support.

The Zecwallet Lite mobile apps should come in a couple of weeks.


Hi @adityapk00!

I updated the ZWL to the latest version, but when I try to send to a unified address I get this error message and I can’t execute the transaction. I am sending from a Sapling address to an Orchard address.

Do you know what I can do in this case?


Can you please file a bug on the github: GitHub - adityapk00/zecwallet-lite: Zecwallet-Lite is z-Addr first lightwallet for Zcash.


Is it an Orchard addy or a UA? Sapling directly to Orchard is prohibited. A default UA will contain a taddy unified receiver and should work. (An Orch addy is always under a UA as a unified receiver and you can send directly to it if you choose but that (sapling 2 orchard) would bypass the turnstile and so is not allowed)

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First Z to U transaction successfully executed from ZWL! Thanks for fixing the bug so quickly @adityapk00!



Happy to report Zecwallet Lite is working again on PC (Linux). Mobile support for Orchard soon I hope? :face_with_monocle: I notice Zecwallet Lite separates coins by pools, but Zecwallet Fullnode displays by transparent vs shielded.


Zecwallet Lite with Orchard support is now available on iOS and Android app stores. It features full support for the Orchard pool, as well as sending / receiving from UA addresses. You can also download an APK from here:

New Anti-Spam options

Zecwallet Lite v1.8.6 featuers a new Anti-Spam setting. Turning it on will filter out all spammy transactions. Zecwallet Lite will not download or attempt to decrypt such spammy transactions. This restores Zecwallet Lite’s sync performance back to where it was before this spam began. It is opt-in for now, but I expect it will become default soon. Go to Menu -> Settings to turn it on


How are you defining “spammy transactions?”

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I’m curious, how do you handle updates to the note commitment tree if Zecwallet Lite doesn’t attempt to download these transactions? Also, did that change in download strategy require a change to lightwalletd?


The spam filter threshold is configurable in the Zecwallet SDK. The mobile apps currently set a threshold of sapling_outputs + actions < 50. LightwalletD then filters out all the transactions that are over this threshold when sending the blocks to Zecwallet Lite.

The cmu portion of the outputs is retained to allow the clients to maintain the witnesses. So the spam filter:

  • Saves on download bandwidth
  • Prevents trial decryption of spammy transactions

But does not help with:

  • Clients still have to update the witnesses from spammy transactions.

The LightwalletD implementation is here: FilterSpamBlock · adityapk00/lightwalletd@a67fcec · GitHub

Edit: I believe that the actual spam filter should be aligned with the ZIP that @aiyadt is working on. i.e., Filter out transactions that create more than spam_threshold outputs that didn’t pay the adequate fee.


Congrats on incorporating feedback & ideas from community members and delivering this optional feature; beyond what’s in the scope of the ZecWallet - Orchard grant!


Hello, @adityapk00! Thank you for your hard work!

I noticed a couple of bugs:

  1. Zecwallet Lite 4 macOS.
    If I remove the encryption from the wallet, then it is no longer possible to put it back: Запись экрана 2022 09 08 в 12 48 11 - YouTube
    By the way, I had to disable encryption because the wallet reported that I could not send transactions because my wallet was blocked. I unlocked it several times in a row, but every time I tried to send 6 transactions with a long memo (I broke my message into pieces) this message was repeated.

  2. Zecwallet 4 iOS.
    I tried to create several unified addresses, but I can’t switch between them. Only the first one is always visible: RPReplay Final1662629149 - YouTube

UPDATE: Ok, I think I’ve figured out the second point. It is impossible to create and scroll through unified addresses, respectively, until Z-addresses are created. If I understood correctly, despite the fact that the number of addresses increases when you click “create UA”, the unified address needs to be linked to the Z-address.

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I can’t encrypt my wallet back. In which version did we lose this and why?

When sending from a UA, if you hit the reply to option is says:

UA account 0

Instead of the UA address.

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Would love to see an update on the new unified address button. :eyes:

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With zecwallet lite currently, the UA is itself an orchard receiver. Deserializing it only returns itself and not another UA header

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