Address question bip version mauling


I have few questions and I would really appreciate your assistance:

  1. Do you know or did you encounter a crypto app that supports ZCASH using bip49 instead of bip44 ?

  2. Do you know a bypass that will create a transaction in the native app of ZCASH (zcashd) that spends UTXOs which belongs to addresses that generated using BIP49 (t3… address - not multisig) ?

Are you familiar with a manipulation to simulate this address as if it was generated as multisig from our private key ?

  1. Do you know if there are any plans to implement BIP49 in ZCASH coin ?

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Crypto App Supporting ZCASH with BIP49: There is an open issue on the Zcash GitHub discussing the support of ZCASH using BIP49. This suggests that there might not be widespread support for ZCASH with BIP49 at this time.

Bypass for ZCASH Transaction: Creating a transaction in zcashd that spends UTXOs from BIP49 addresses (t3 addresses) is a technical challenge due to the address format and derivation path differences. The discussions on Zcash GitHub indicate that this is a known issue, but there is no straightforward bypass mentioned.

Simulating Multisig Address: Simulating a BIP49 address as if it was generated as multisig from a private key is a complex task. There are guides on creating multisig transactions compatible with Zcash’s Sapling upgrade, but they do not specifically address simulation of BIP49 addresses as multisig.

Plans to Implement BIP49 in ZCASH: The same GitHub issue that discusses the support for ZCASH using BIP49 also inquires about future plans to implement BIP49 in ZCASH. However, there is no clear indication of any plans to implement BIP49 in ZCASH at this time.

I hope the information may helps you.

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