Administration! Help! Can't get money from Zcash4win

Hi! 4 day passed , I sent the money first for review 2 zcash for, they came through 30 minutes on the stock exchange, then sent 10 more coins, and it’s been 24 hours… help, spend the transaction! 5

This is a common issue. You can see that your transaction has 184 inputs here Transactions - Zchain and as a results some miners are excluding it.

See Unconfirmed transaction or Unconfirmed transaction after 4 days; getting worried for more explanation and a link to potential solution.

There is also a few Github issues open including this one: 11-day delay in mining a transaction with 498 transparent inputs · Issue #3167 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

So what are we gonna do?

Looks like it has finally been picked up and mined. Only certain miners accept such a large number of inputs. Just be aware of this for future transactions up until Overwinter activates (circa late June) or consider using the UTXO merging experimental feature as described here to consolidate: New Release: 1.0.15 - Electric Coin Company