Unconfirmed Transaction stuck/lost

I sent a TX 89258b538cfdaa2e5037b0facfe9cc353ec002e71d1a4b301f6794020267e978 more than 12hrs ago and while it’s showing in the Insight explorer, it’s still showing as unconfirmed.
It was my first time trying to send a TX from zcash4win, usually I had done it with my Ledger so I’m worried I might have screwed something up.
Will it eventually get picked up by a pool?

hi TeemoRS

first question that comes to my mind, since some had issues with zcash4win latelly, is if the chain is/was synchronized completely.

Yes, entirely. I have my node open and syched to 100 right now

Is it because of the ~150 inputs going into the TX?

Yes, a transaction that size will take a long time to confirm due to the fact that several of the large pools not processing them. So you will have to wait for a smaller pool that doesn’t have the restriction to find a block.

I suggest you raise your payout threshold with your pool to only pay once a day or once every other day to reduce the number of inputs.

Thanks Shawn, I saw your other post (after I already sent the TX) about it and wondered if the same thing was happening.
I’ll wait a couple days and update this thread once the TX has been confirmed. So others having the same issue can get an idea of how long this takes to get picked up