Alerts for nodes in support of upcoming Overwinter upgrade

Alerts will sent to all nodes running 1.0.15 or earlier approximately 1 hour before the activation of Overwinter (block height 347500). The alert will enforce nodes to enter “safe mode”, lock down wallet RPC methods, and return errors so that nodes are aware of the upgrade and can act accordingly.

Nodes running older versions of 3rd party software, such as Zcash4Win, may not receive a visible alert. The client will still enter safe mode and the user will be unable to transact until the software is upgraded.

All funds and private keys will be unaffected by triggering safe mode. It is recommended that nodes simply upgrade to the latest Zcash client software and wait for their nodes to sync at least past the activation block height.

We highly encourage users to update their software as soon as possible and prior to receiving an alert.

Please monitor security announcements if you suspect there is an issue with the Overwinter activation: