How to prepare zcash-cli wallet for Overwinter?

I am running the official Linux version of the wallet, I have funds in a few shielded addresses. Are there any specific things folks need to do to get their wallets ready for Overwinter?

You’ll have to upgrade your node (in the blog post for 1.0.15 release) New Release: 1.0.15 - Electric Coin Company

However, because the Overwinter activation height is not yet specified for mainnet, version 1.0.15 will behave similarly as other pre-Overwinter releases even after a future activation of Overwinter on the network. Upgrading from 1.0.15 will be required in order to follow the Overwinter network upgrade on mainnet.

According to this roadmap Schedule - Zcash 1.1.0 will be released next week so you’ll just have to upgrade to this before it activates (circa late June).

There’s also a set of FAQs here: Frequently Asked Questions - Zcash

Thank you @garethtdavies I am currently running : “version”: 1001550, wallet. That is 1.0.15 correct? So now I am good until next week when 1.1.0 comes right? I think I am all good now!

I’m not entirely sure what that version exactly equates to (it probably does mean that) but running zcash-cli --version should print a more friendly Zcash RPC client version v1.0.15 (or whatever version you are running). Regardless of what version you are on though you’ll need to update once v1.1 ships.

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After a bit of Googling and zcash-cli getnetworkinfo will also give you the info:

"version": 1001550,
"subversion": "/MagicBean:1.0.15/"

again thank you, looks like it is the right one! I will just need to figure out an easy way to upgrade my node next week. I am running the wallet via windows subsystem for linux on ubuntu. Do you know what commands I will need to run in order to upgrade next week?

I am just running the official packaged releases so it’s as simple as a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

If you installed from scratch then docs are here Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub.

If going this latter route - a suggestion made by daira in the Zcash community chat was:

run the upgrade procedure (or a from-scratch build) on the computer where you previously built, and move/copy the directories again - just don’t overwrite anything in .zcash

Always make a backup of wallet.dat of course.

Alright I will try and do this. Quick question, if I am not able to get to my node and update it in time (travelling) - the private keys for the z-addresses or wallet file are all I need to recover funds at a later time from an updated wallet correct? I wont lose funds by not updating my wallet right?

Yes. You just need your private key for each public key you have funds. You could always sweep them into another wallet if you needed to. Or you can get a hardware wallet and store them there. If you have your seed you can also use that to restore your keys in any compatible wallet.

Ok perfect. Yes I do have all my shielded address private keys backed up, so will move them into a new wallet if need be. What do you mean by seed? As in seed phrase? Does the zcash-cli have a seed phrase?

Yeah the usual 12 word phrase which is used to build all the private keys. If you use the seed for a new wallet you don’t have to import the private keys since they will all be there. Or you can export all the private keys and then sweep them.

what is the command to reveal my seed phrase in the zcash-cli wallet brother?

Does Zcash use HD wallets? This was introduced in Bitcoin Core 0.13.0 and Zcash forked before that I think? I ran zcash-cli z_exportwallet myoutput and while I see all the private keys for each address there isn’t anything resembling an extended private masterkey (Where can I view my HD wallet seed in bitcoin core 13.2 - Bitcoin Stack Exchange). Also I think even now Bitcoin Core doesn’t export seed words?

Sorry I was speaking about the general process about keys and seeds. I don’t run a full node on Zcash yet so I didn’t know they didn’t have HD wallets. I am using a hardware wallet for Zcash, but run wallets for other coins so I assumed Zcash had seed phrases too.

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