All ECC teams focused on wallet performance

Hi, folks! With the recent restructuring and team changes at ECC, I have personally taken over the management of engineering and product for our mobile SDKs and our Zashi wallet. (It’s my dream job! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

Earlier this month, we announced the pre-release availability of the Spend before Sync (SbS) capability in our mobile SDKs and that this was delivered to third-party wallet developers for implementation and testing.

Since then, our internal testing and our partner wallet developers (special thanks to Adi, Matthew, and Mandeep of Nighthawk) have helped us identify several bugs/UX-issues that need to be fixed before releasing the SDKs publicly. (Our own testing on SBS was less thorough than I understood it to be at the time, and we are grateful to our partners. :raised_hands:) These updates are in development, and we are currently expecting to release new versions of the SDKs — with full SBS capability — soon.

There are also ongoing issues with the Zcash mempool, apparently involving new/modified “sandblasting” behavior. We are working with Nighthawk and the rest of the Light Client Working Group on that, and we’ll update you as we go.

I’ve also been working with the developers and UX/UI designers for our own Zcash wallet — Zashi — and I am super excited about the progress being made. As you may know, the ECC team opened a Zashi closed beta program a few weeks back, and we have received a lot of good feedback from our initial cohort of beta testers.

We’ll provide another update on all of these projects soon, so keep an eye on this forum and ECC’s X (Twitter) channel!