Post-Zcon - ECC Forum Update

Providing a post-Zcon3 forum update for you all. Hope everyone enjoyed the conference, whether it be in person or virtual. If you have any questions, feel free to dm me on Twitter.

ECC updates

Zcon3 keynotes featuring ECC speakers

The following updates are from 08/01/2022 (US format). Updates for the rest of August will be included in the August forum update.


  • Release 5.2.0
    • Significantly improves rescan performance
      • Prune witnesses for notes spent more than 100 blocks ago.
      • Parallelize and batch trial decryption of Sapling outputs.
    • Reduces block propagation and block template production times
      • Cache Sapling and Orchard bundle validation.
    • Backport caching and SHA-256 implementations using AVX2/SHA-NI from Bitcoin Core.
    • Minor RPC interface change (version field in gettransaction output).
  • Started work on improving performance of mobile SDK
  • Discussions about fee changes and other potential mitigations for spam


  • Support for v5.2.0 zcashd release
  • Continued work on parallelized deterministic builds
  • Continued transition to Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) for legacy infrastructure
  • Continued labs for cross-training of new CI and IaC tools
  • Reduced overall GCP infrastructure operating expenses


  • General wallet performance issues
    • Actions to reduce impact of full blocks on our SDK clients
      • Short term:
        • Reduce memory footprint and Disk usage when possible
        • Speed up block download by using streamer APIs on Lightwalletd
        • Help partners adopt API breaking changes
      • Mid terms (core + wallet)
        • Bigger refactors on compact block download and storage
        • Syncing improvements
  • Wallet iOS Build 0.0.1-31, 32 and 33
    • [#75] [Scaffold] Settings Screen (#398)
    • [#394] adopt ZcashLightClientKit 0.16.x-beta (#397)
    • [#146] [UI Component] multiple line textfield
  • ECC Reference Wallet 0.5.0-133/4/5
    • Adopt 0.16.5-beta
    • Fix Threading issues
    • Fixed app hang on iOS 16-beta
  • Android:
    • SDK
      • Completed typesafe BlockHeight API
      • Reduced RAM memory usage to fix possible crashes
      • Improved efficiency of block downloads
      • Released SDK 1.8
  • Bip39 (mnemonic generator)
    • Automated deployment of kotlin-bip39 library and release of version 1.0.4
  • ECC Wallet app
    • Updated to accommodate SDK 1.8 API changes

Thanks for your time!