All ECC teams focused on wallet performance

Folks, as ECC’s Director of Engineering and as Product Owner for our SDK, I’m here to give you an update on our progress.

We’re committing to a timeline for the release of our mobile wallet SDK 2.0. This is so that others can plan around our expected timeline, and also hold us accountable to it.

As a reminder, making the ECC Mobile Wallet SDK is what we at ECC believe we can do right now to best serve our mission of creating a fair and open currency that protects the freedom, dignity, and consent of all people. The upcoming release of our SDK (version 2.0) will enable “Spend Before Sync”, meaning that “syncing/scanning” will, we hope, disappear from the user experience and people will be able to use their ZEC without waiting.

We hope Nighthawk, Edge, and Unstoppable will be able to use this Spend-before-Sync feature right away to give their users no-waiting access to their ZEC, and in the future Zashi (ECC’s wallet) and Top Secret Unnamed Mystery Partner will, too.

If you like tech details, you can zoom into the internal details of our remaining tasks by looking at this graph, and specifically the part of it named “Spend-before-Sync” (see screenshot). (The graph gets refreshed every 4 hours.)

When all of those green boxes are completed, SDK 2.0 is released.

Here is the timeline we’ve committed to:

  • #1179 and #1180 done this week.
  • #730 and #899 #936 completed by Tuesday 2023-09-05
  • Rest of the mobile code – code complete Friday 2023-09-08 excluding acceptance testing — put out SDK 2.0 Release Candidate
  • Acceptance testing (using zashi beta) complete by Wednesday 2023-09-13, release day! Release SDKs 2.0 Final
  • Ask for a thumbs up from Nighthawk, Edge, and Unstoppable that the release looks okay, make public announcement Friday 2023-09-15 if we get word from the wallet partners early enough or if not then public announcement on Monday 2023-09-18.

Okay, that’s our plan! Please reach out to me with any questions. Thank you!