Alphaday is a powerful crypto workflow aggregator that pulls in news, on-chain data, social media, web3 services and much more into one customizable UI

Greetings all,

Alphaday builds crypto experience dashboards for enthusiasts, developers, and projects. Users can drag and drop from hundreds of services, news and social feeds, charts, and dapp functionality to create their daily workflows inside a single dashboard. This eliminates the need to have multiple browser tabs open to get different bits of information. Ie. imagine having token prices, gas prices, twitter feed, latest news headlines, forum discussions, and any other information any user could possibly want all within one single dashboard.

You can find link to the Beta version of our product live at:

Please take a look at our official grant application in the link below:

We would appreciate your feedback.


Hello @Alphaday Thank you for submitting your grant proposal! The 2023 ZCG committee election is in progress and this proposal will be reviewed by the new committee in the following weeks.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for the grants committee, you can post them to this thread or DM us at @ZcashGrants.

Thank you.


FWIW I’d vote yes (not a ZCG member). @Alphaday I’d love to see the dashboard also integrate with the grants process. Is this possible? Here’s what I’m thinking…

@ZcashGrants can advise you if there is an integration point on the website. There should also be a grants post on the Zcash cash forum that links to the grant. Consolidate the info into a view.

Edit: to be clear I’d want to see…

  1. Proposal details from ZCG site
  2. Original post on Zcash forum
  3. Any attachments (sourced from both grants site and forum)
  4. Replies to the Zcash forum post
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Hi @GGuy yep we could certainly do such an integration! There are a few ways we could approach this:

a. We could have a Zcash community board that includes one or two widgets dedicated to Zcash grants data and displays a list of the latest proposals
b. We could deploy two seperate boards, one focused on the Zcash community&ecosystem, and a second board that covers only Zcash grant activity. Users can switch between the two boards through the boards tab on the top bar (you can see this currently populated by boards like NFT | Trading | Beginner | Arbitrum on


@Alphaday, @deniz-alphaday, & Zcash Community, I am happy to announce that the @ZcashGrants Committee has unanimously voted to approve this grant proposal at the most recent meeting, with the note that they would like to make sure the integration point into the ZCG website is included in the scope of work.


Great! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to build this board.

We already have some really cool ideas for ZCG-specific widgets we would like to deploy and we will add these to the existing list of 12 widgets we would like to deploy as part of the Zcash board.