Am I wasting my computer resources if I'm solo mining in multiple computers, each one in its own?

I have multiple computers and I installed Zcash independently in each one with the “zcashd” command, but now I’m wondering if I’m wasting computational resources by trying the same solutions across all the computers. Is this correct? Do I need to make a different setup in which each computer receives a different “share” in a private pool?

yes you are, at least make your own pool

Do you have any links with a guide or something like that on how to do it?

What hardware are you mining with?

I have 5 different machines with Xeon E5 processors and like 16 GB of RAM each one

I tried to use to do pool mining, but it gives me “Permission Denied” everytime I try

Keep on keeping on. One or the other will hit one.

Haha, do you mean mining independently? xD

I think I’m not compiling correctly, since I just can’t find any “nheqminer” binary file. I only see and nheqminer.snl

Yep, I was compiling in /nheqminer instead of /nheqminer/nheqminer. Now I can pool mine in public pools, although I still want to learn to setup my own pool, so if anyone reading this knows some good guides, I’ll be grateful if you link me to that


Have you looked into playing with p2pool?

There’s a guide over on A Complete Guide to P2Pool - Merged Mining (BTC/NMC/DVC/IXC/I0C) plus LTC, Linux.

No, but I look into that. Thanks!

What is the advantage of running your own private “pool” in this case? Is there some redundancy removed or efficiency gained?

if you find block it pays more than in other pools

I mean, is running multiple distinct zcashd miners across multiple machines somehow less efficient than creating your own “private” pool with multiple workers communicating via stratum? The block reward is the same regardless, but is there any meaningful efficiency gained?

As I understand it, when you are running zcashd across multiple independent machines, you are doing redundant work, and basically competing with yourself, since each machine is trying the same solutions, unlike pool mining where each machine try a subset of the possible solutions, and therefore are cooperating to find the solution

exactly what the guy says. same machines should compete on 1 “pool” not all on different wallets

It doesn’t make a difference whether you run them all in a pool or not. Think of it like having a bunch of semi trucks vs one plane that achieve the same amount of stuff shipped weekly. 100 H/s goes to you not matter if it’s split between 4 different machines or not.