Mining solo with a bunch of computers?

Looking for some kind of guide\tutorial on how to setup solo mining with a bunch of computers (some of them on different networks)

Is such a thing possible?

Yes it is possible, if u can write some algorithm to startup a few thousand of VM’s… it might be a profitable solution!

Must be a lot of computers to consider solo mining. At this point, I would think you need close to 100,000 Sol/s to compete with the pools

Thanks for the replies, but that was not what i was asking.

On the technical side, how do I go and run those computers?
do i need to run zcashd client on each and every one of them?

Do I need to run a node and direct all of the rest to it somehow?

You can either

a) grab the Zcash Proxy Solo Mining Stratum

b) mine with all the computers seperately (different addresses) with Zcashd (For CPU Sarath’s Xenoncat AVX optimisations + Tromp solver - For AMD GPUs Zogminers Linux Miner)

c) mine with all the computers to the same address with Zcashd.

Either way to hit 1 block a day on average (variance applies in solo mining somedays you might get none , other days more than 1) you need 1/576th of the network hashrate.

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I believe it’s not possible in reality.
Solo mining running zcash daemon for all mining computer is not that ideal.
Waste of resources, worse performance because mining rigs need to build blockchain itself too.

And, most high performance miners are all using/supporting stratum protocol, which cannot connect to zcashd daemon directly.
You need to setup pool software to make interface between mining program and zcash daemon.
You point mining rigs to that private pool port and start mine.

What’s the difference between building all these structures or just pointing to pool?
It’s difficult to verify even you built pool software correctly or not until you find a block.

You’d better point to some pools.

yea its not easy setting up ur own stratum, i tried with vnl
thankfully the net hash on that coin jumped around so eventually ppl made solo mining pools for it
basically renting out their stratum server

Zmine has about 10-20kh/s and that is pulling a block or two a day.

I’d say pick a pool.

I was wishing I still had access to my university computer labs like when I was back in school. I could be sneaking in and letting 50 machines run at night… hahaha

I have access to about 800 hashes, that’s why im asking about solo mining.

800 Sol/S? You’ll still need luck to get a block by yourself. Some of these pools have close to or even more than 800 KSol/s (800000 Sol/S)

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Why not run nheqminer on them and use a pool? It’ll only take him 12 days (on average) get a block (on average) if he were able to be as efficient as nheqminer and running without a pool. But then again if the network rate triples every 10 days and he’s in the bottom 20% in luck, it will take months to find a block.