An idea about hashing algorithm extension

Hi all,

It seems that the topic about GPU vs ASIC mining go to endless, every point has it own pros and cons. Therefore, I think we had better to ‘think’ about the solution than debate so much, which could make ‘fair’ profit/hashrate distribution between ASIC & GPU.
I searched some hashing algorithms and found X16R (Ravencoin). The idea is quite good.

From the idea above, I guess we could extend algorithm Equihash for ZEC. In (random) time/block, we could set next (random) algorithm, or/and set percentage of hashrate of specific algorithm during that block/time (like Claymore could dual mining with some hashing algo).

I know it’s not simple to implement and could take much time. However, I think we could make it work for low end to high end (CPU/GPU/ASIC) contribute to the network better.

Thanks for reading :wink:

PS: I’m not good at English.