Conspiracy talk about difficulty increase

Heard someone today say they think the across crypto increase in difficulty is because nvidia has secretly ship the first million gpus to major farms which have converted over and are mining up to 50% more. I think that is possible but highly unlikely. It’s not something that could be kept secret forever and would cause a huge backlash from the gaming community if it ever got out. Thoughts?

That’s interesting, but I agree with you that it is highly unlikely. I think more people are mining, including gamers, but price drops will scare newer casual miners aways. If more new coins pop up using equihash it may dilute the net hash on zec somewhat too.

There are others, some can even be mined with zcash miners, like hush (a zcash clone), they just take different addresses and pools, i considered it but i think im gonna hold the course

I disagree… that is all I have to say about that.

Agreed–I was kind of hoping BTCP would take some of the hash away from ZEC and lower difficulty, at least until people realize the abysmal block reward and low price etc. Or, maybe it will take off and permanently move some equihash people away from ZEC

If we are going conspiracy here, what about secret ASIC development?

The asic miner theory is interesting . As i was looking on a thread on github or bitcointalk (dont remember which one it was )about how to mine zcash i ended up on a thread where ppl were talking how to create their own asic miner for zcash. Im not sure if its possible or not but still a good theory . But its probably because alot of ppl have gained interest in zcash and started mining it . After all its in the top 20 most expensive cryptos per piece

Actually, China figured out how to make cheap Pascal knock off chips by the millions and are mining. The secret is that the mining farm is based on the moon where they harvest sun for energy and use the dark side for cooling.

The first part of your post is actually pretty factual

Equihash is an ASIC miner resistance algorythm, in little to no time the equation can be changed and all ASIC build would become useless… the thing is that I don’t know how the network could figure this out and if the algorythm has been updated already ( or has schedule updates/mods)…

And the second part was just sublime @zl1_ghost