Announcing ECC/Bootstrap's intent to terminate the Zcash trademark agreement

Hi Zeeps.

We contend that Zcash has outgrown the need for its trademark agreement, and protocol governance should extend beyond the reach of two parties. ECC (Bootstrap) intends to terminate this agreement, pending a successful negotiation with Zcash Foundation. Post here.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


My thoughts from 4 1/2 years ago haven’t changed


The Zcash Foundation looks forward to the discussion!

To provide some context and background for the community: During Zcon3, the Bootstrap and ZF boards met, and discussed a range of topics, including protocol governance. We agreed at that time to hold further joint board meetings to delve into those topics in more detail, in order to find some common ground to the benefit of Zcash and its community.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t yet happened but the ZF board remains committed to engaging with Josh and the Bootstrap board to continue the process of rebuilding trust between the two organisations.


Onward, together! sans tm


Another great move :clap:. Like BOSL, this is a quick and easy win for Zcash, well done.

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