Announcing Pandaminer OS

I’m pleased to announce Pandaminer OS

Pandaminer OS is an operating system designed for the Pandaminers.

  • Plug & Play
  • Will auto flash the GPU’s with a custom rom to improve hash and decrease power.
  • Remotely managable (web based) from anywhere in the world. “Ideal for larger setups”
  • Upgradable, always be up to date with the newest software.

Manager / Monitor

  • Change Pool, Wallet, Miner, Algo for all your panda miners or a single Pandaminer
  • Change Core/memory settings of all PandaMiners / GPU’s
  • Mass reboot
  • Single reboot
  • Single GPU Settings
  • View Temperatures, Speed, Uptime
  • Muchos Muchos more (and more coming!)…

Some Screenshots


Demo version will be available ASAP
If you’re interested send me a pm and we will discuss price.
Shop is almost ready & online.

Also available prewritten on an msata drive.
As well as a complete bundle. “PandaMiner, OS/Manager/Monitor, Rom” (This is only interesting if you’re from Europe)


amd only?

NVidia wanted :frowning:

Waiting for it. 20. ch…

Yeah, only AMD and Only RX (Because there are RX cards in the PandaMiner…)


I hope R9 fury will be added also.

Is this software compatible with all AMD rigs or just PandaMiner specific rigs?

Only compatible with RX serie rigs.


Can you share some specs, like SOLs/s with some 470 or 480 gpus?

Hey AleXXL

I posted a bunch of results over at bitcointalk…
You can find me there as well and check my latest posts…

out of the top of my head:
XMR: Just under 800h per GPU (480 4G), so x 8 for a total of just under 900 watt :wink:
Zcash: “Sols” 285-290 sol per gpu. Consumption is a bit higher though…


Edit: Will be releasing a Demo version tomorrow!