Windows vs SimpleMiner

Do you guys see a winner between simpleminer image vs doing your own on windows?

getting ready to try simple miner on a new rig tomorrow

what do you have now?

Running SMOS here, you can manage everything remote controlled (phone, tab, netbook e.g.).
Want to mine other kind of coin? Just a click in the control panel and you’re done.
Try it for 3 days, its free and judge yourself.
Happy mining and all the best for 2018!:tada::boom:

I have try both. Now I have 2 rigs and it’s way easier to manage on SMOS than Windows with team viewee

Also you can change to any coin really fast and test multiple ZEC mjjing codea and find the best.

And the best auto updates!

i have rigs with win 7,8,10 and now smos which is by far my favorite! seems to work great, setup was way quicker and easier

ok for those running smos for a little while now, is it stable. seems like such a small os should be stable as it is only doing one job. i just want something i can set and forget (so to speak)