Announcing the Zcash Gardening Club - a monthly open Zcash development call

When I follow that link, I am told that the survey is closed?

Ok, I just DM’d you the link on Keybase, LMK if you got it. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’d like to donate! Is there any way I can receive a tax deduction for the donation?

There’s a meeting today: Gardening Club - June

They are always on the first Tuesday. Did something suggest it would be on a Friday?

Oooppps… somehow I thought it was the 5th of each month, now I know.

First Tuesday.

New registration link everyone!


An idea for Gardening Club, how about a communal Greenhouse ?

Maybe some of the small projects would benefit from some minimal hosting, perhaps a dedicated server chopped up into VPS servers with enough resources to run a node. Somewhere seedlings can sprout before being transplanted :slight_smile:

Edit: The idea came from the Raspberry Pi world which is teeming with amateur devs and a hosting company in NL that hosts 500 Pi in a rack.


Just saw this. I like it.

There could be a single shared container on the same host with a non-wallet txindex=1 zcashd for any projects that want to scan the blockchain. If you want to do the leg work to set it up, I could help pay hosting fees.

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I tried to join the meeting yesterday just to listen and i had troubles with the zoom client from my browser, i was not allowed to join without downloading the client, at the end i was not able to do it.

I think it will be good to have a youtube channel transmitting live or some other option outside zoom. IIRC other ECC events had that option.


Also, in the same line, i think a place like a library where all the gardening videos are available(can be a youtube channel or whatever) with some short description on the projects and people that participated will be great as well.

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Same here, struggled to join & after a few minutes lost internet… just wasn’t my day. It was recorded, right?

Yea, i think it should be easier for listeners, zoom is fine for participants.

Maybe we can make something for tomorrow Arborist call, just made a request, lets see how it goes. Zcash Arborist Call - October 8th - #2 by oxarbitrage

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It was recorded. We should have it available soon.

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Gardening club videos are saved here:


@oxarbitrage and @ChileBob - sorry you both had troubles logging in to the call. I’ll let Kim know to see if there’s anything that can be done on our end.

My problems were caused by idiot builders working next door - so far they’ve spiked the power (blew up a server), dug up the water main (twice) and brought down cables (bye bye internet).

If Kim wants to help me yell at them, that’d be great :joy:


Does anyone have a link to the most recent April 2022 recording? Can also comment on the new F2Zpage with any relevant links: Free2z


This is the link to the upcoming one 5-3, I think Dec was the last before it was cancelled

You should find it on ECC YouTube channel when it’s up. It usually takes some times before it gets uploaded there.

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