Anonymous exchange post-ShapeShift

Ever since ShapeShift started “KYC”, I am stuck with a big shielded balance of ZEC which not many merchants will accept. (Funny how that happened shortly before Sapling activated…)

Any other ideas? When merchant acceptance is lacking, Zcash is not very useful except as a store of value; and that store of value isn’t useful, when it can’t be exchanged for BTC or other widely-accepted currency. Anonymous digital cash which must be run through a “KYC” financial institution for spending is also not useful.

Before someone says “Bisq,” that has insufficient liquidity to use at point of spending; and there are some other issues I would prefer to discuss in a Bisq forum, not here.

And before anybody asks: My money was obtained by legal means. But the whole point of financial privacy is that my identity, my activities, and the “source of funds” are all “none of your business.” Same reason as why I encrypt mundane e-mail, buy groceries with cash, and use Tor for absolutely everything. It’s the principle of the matter.

Thanks in advance for any tips.


Unfortunately localzcash isnt up anymore

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You can actually use it as currency ->

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Still in testing but…

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we need a local zec site. would be real useful imo to help adoption.

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I don’t think there’s enough density outside of certain cities for it to work… yet! Finding people who will sell you $ZEC online is easier at this point, although it requires some legwork and isn’t feasible longterm.

I do not know why but the question of “the source of your funds” irritates me the most. I’ve been stuck with it several times in my life and had to prove obvious things to the different institutions. I hate bureaucracy.

It trades on Bisq:

Private keys never leave your hands too since it’s a decentralized exchange.