Converting Zec and other privacy coins

I didn’t want to hijack someone else’s thread im not sure this is the right section.

@boxalex (or anyone else that can help)

I would like to be able to convert between privacy coins and BTC and back again. I have a script that monitors alt v btc v alt and makes trades when it is a reasonable time. I try to keep a 25% zec, 25%monero and 50% btc.

Due to all this KYC on shapeshift, and that I can no longer mine zec, I have a lot more monero that I would like to convert into zec and/or btc and maybe back again. My main problem is the UK does not have national ID cards.

any help would be really appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you have an idea that you don’t want to discuss in public. You are a lot more familiar with the financial aspects of this than I am.

Thanks mate.

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Here are some ways for the coins you mentioned:

Monero/XMR to/from Bitcoin/BTC = Tradeogre exchange is fine for this, no KYC required and principally i like this exchange and never gave me any problems. Tradeogre supports a lot of the cryptonite privacy coins, if not all of them and some others like Dash, PivX and so on as well.

Zcash/ZEC to/from Bitcoin/BTC - The Exodus wallet has an exchange future where you can exchange ZEC automaticly into many other coins, unfortunatly not Monero in case this is an option you are looking for. Many others are fine there, like all ERC tokens, most used altcoins. I personally like the Exodus wallet but to be honest only twice used the autoexchange feature when i was in need of immediate funds in LTC and BCH to pay for an item. I have no idea if the exchange rate is good enough, please check out, but at least it is an option you can consider.

Hope this helps you.

  • In Exodus only T adresses are supported
  • the Exodus support is top notch. I ran twice into a problem, own failure and these guys on support really help with technical matters, work arounds immediatly. Something to have in mind eventually when choosing such a wallet. I’am a fan of it and use it for Zcash and the ERC tokens as i feel way more comfortable than with the ZEC/ERC native wallets.



Thank you so much!!

I would never have found tradeogre, it just is not on my radar. I did spend a few hours searching before I posted here. I have to say I did a test run with ogre using a few monero and, touch wood, it works really well. I can see why you like it. it took me a few minutes to figure it out, but it is pretty simple yet powerful. - my only real gripe is I couldn’t find a way to adjust the fee. I’d like to have made sure it would be in the next block. anyway the BTC has conformations. wow. just wow.

I will try exodus and see how it compares to jaxx for small transactions, so far though ogre is impressive.

Again thanks for all your help, if you need a favour and I can help, I will. I owe you a favour.


No problem mate, happy you like it an it is an option for you, enough my suggest was helpfull for you. I never recommend something i didn’t tried or used myself :wink:
Tradeorge is a small exchange, but maybe the best when it cames to privacy coins and no KYC needed. Deposits and withdrawals are fast without delays. No idea why ZEC isn’t listed there, it would perfectly fit into the tradeogre portfolio they have.

Let me know how exodus works out for you, as said, i personally like this one very much and it’s my first option when a given coin wallet isn’t comfortable to be used like all the ERC tokens. Let me know how the exchange rate is as i didn’t gave it any attention than back.


I’m glad @boxalex was able to help you out! OpenBazaar might be another non-KYC option for you in the future. I believe a few 0x marketplaces are up-and-running although I’m not intimately familiar with any of them.

Then there’s always Dream Market but you might have to pay a premium and I’m not sure what scam protections are available for cryptocurrency trading on there.

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