Are light nodes CURRENTLY more secure/private than full nodes for individual shielded tx's

If you pass your shileded tx’s to zcashd and zebra full nodes from a self hosted zcashd or zebra full node that you run on a Qube which runs through tor via a sys-whonix NetVM qube, but only a handful of people do this (meaning you can easily be identified), (as well as the fact that bandwidth requirements, among other things, dox the fact you are running a full node through tor), then isnt your privacy actually worse than if you passed off your shielded tx through tor via the same set up but with a light node, such that your tx was being batched with the usage style of the majority of tx’s? So since your through tor plus shielded, they dont get any data out of you but a tor ip address and timestamp with the added benefit that a light node isnt as identifiable through tor as a full node which could limit the pool of possible tx’s that are yours. I will continue to run full nodes. My question is regarding privacy with the current zcash culture.