Safest/Most Secure way to run zcash lite/full node? Tails/Whonix/Qubes?

What is the safest or most private/secure way to operate a zcash wallet? Is it through Tails/Whonix/Qubes OS? Also, can you run a ZEC Wallet Lite through tor, as you can with the full node version? Is it sufficient to run a Zcash node on Ubuntu/Debian through tor?


It depends on your threat model, but I’ve been looking into this as part of our work on Zbay, and I think the safest general solution may be to use a lightwallet, connect only via Tor, and change Tor circuits with each transaction.

Others should chime in here though.

What OS are you using? Is it possible to connect via Tor with a light client? I’m unable to figure out how to do that.

I’ve been trying for hours now to try and get a full node ZEC wallet working on Windows through Tor. I simply can’t get any connections. Has anyone successfully achieved this? I’ve downloaded and am running Tor Expert Bundle on Windows while installing and setting up the full node.

I haven’t done this personally, but you might have a look at these posts for clues:

I’m the creator of Zbay and it supports Tor. I haven’t tested it on Windows recently but it should work fine! These instructions assume you can get tor running locally:

If you’re using TorBrowser you’ll want to change the port to 9150 and it might be a good idea to avoid using TorBrowser while zcash is running.

Feel free to DM me, here or in Zbay, if you have any questions.

Also, be sure to verify that Tor is connected and working before registering a username in Zbay, as this will send a transaction to the network.