Are there any commonfolk interested in Zcash and unwavered by Triple A Speculators who are against it?

What I mean is - I’m new to the crypto currency scene. And am not much of a techie, even though I am somehow the IT manager at a very small business. I find Bitcoin “cool” but something about Zcash speaks to my soul. That was an intentional rhyme. However, when I read tweets (with my very little knowledge about code) like this

Now that #Steemit/#Steem #Scam is obvious as price drifts to 0, it's time to update "Mt. Stupid", many competed but The Winner Is: #ZCash

— Tone (@Tone_LLT) October 24, 2016

This should shake me and force me to question my gut, but it doesn’t.

I guess from a non-developer stand point I really understand it. I’ve done my research on it and maybe some of which was put rather simply by Vitalik

“I recall when I first heard about zk-SNARKs, Zerocoin’s underlying technology, I was amazed; it seemed hard to believe that a cryptographic technology could exist that was so powerful, capable of providing almost any kind of cryptographic proof without revealing any extra information in the process. Prove to a government-regulated entity that you are a citizen of Estonia over 18 years old without revealing your name? Check. Financial contracts with terms enforced by the blockchain but never seen by the blockchain? Check. Prove that an event took place within a period of time without revealing exactly when or by whom? Check. I think that the Zerocoin team is among the best suited for bringing this technology and its implications for combining authenticity, verifiability and privacy into the world.”

So I created this topic to add some variety to the forum, other than AMD and Nvidia mining. Because every day I search youtube and google with content posted “today” about “zcash”

Maybe I’m too new in this space to realize that there won’t be any good buzz until some great applications come out. (even though to me it’s initial concept needed no further validation) Maybe slower is better so I can acquire more zec on its way down. Maybe I was too late to the Bitcoin game and feel like I don’t want to miss out. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this forum growing and seeing lots of insight.

It’s really hard for me to find other into zcash: who isn’t a developer, miner, bitcoin maximalist, or just hell bent against zcash. I know there are more of us out there…


Thank you! You are the kind of person I want in our community. The people who are doing it for $ are helpful and important, and there is nothing bad about their values or their choices, but the people who are doing it for :heart: are the strong inner core that will help us keep going (not just Zcashers, but everyone who works for the preservation and uplifting of all of humanity). :relaxed:


I support your view in every point. Zcash, just like bitcoin and nothing else, is a crypto-miracle.


I think I found my favorite post on this forum. The narrative truly resonates with me and I think just about every point you make could just as well have been me making the same points (though I am not in IT-management). Thanks! :zcash: :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the reflective post. As a fellow person trailing the bandwagons of blockchains, Zcash’s focus on privacy intrigues me. That and the wonderfully credentialed knowledgeable and credentialed folks behind it.