Opening my feelings

In my opinion, there is no best or worst cryptocurrency. Each project has its segment, its importance. I make a comparison with the Linux operating system, in the same way that there are several Linux distributions, there are several cryptocurrencies in different segments, where some follow privacy, others keep the blockchain open and the focus is on smart contacts, there are still those that are fun and allude to some joke or meme.

Sorry for my English, I don’t know how to speak English.

I believe in the importance of Bitcoin, even more so because it is the pioneer, a completely decentralized currency, with an unidentified founder who disappeared, creating a mystical side to the digital currency. The Bitcoin revolution is worrying governments around the world, many worried about not having authority over cryptocurrencies, but at the same time excited, seeing great potential, largely due to traceability. Yes, Bitcoin is traceable, it is possible to know who owns the wallet. This motivated governments’ desire to implement CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency) - a digital currency based on cryptocurrencies, fully traceable and still centralized by the government. to a certain extent, CBDCs play a fundamental role in preventing illicit attitudes, but there is a danger of exaggerated centralization by the government.

In my opinion, Zcash is ahead of its time, I say this because of its focus on privacy. Zcash is like Bitcoin, having similar characteristics, such as a total supply of 21 million coins, being initially created based on Bitcoin, but more evolved, with the implementation of complex privacy. I believe that Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin to be a decentralized and private currency, I also believe that privacy was only not improved due to the difficulty of implementing something that was capable of hiding values or wallet addresses.

I read somewhere, at the time I discovered Zcash, that Satoshi Nakamoto knew about the existence of zero knowledge, but if I’m not mistaken, at the time it was an almost impossible implementation to carry out, given all the technical difficulties.

If I’m not mistaken, Zcash was initially an initiative to implement privacy on the Bitcoin blockchain, correct me if I’m wrong, but zero knowledge was rejected by Bitcoin programmers, giving the opportunity to create Zcash.

In my opinion, Zcash is much more evolved than Bitcoin. For this reason I chose to focus on Zcash, despite the price being low and without an upward movement. I believe, that in the future, the price of Zcash will rise exponentially. I already mentioned, here in some posts in the community, that I dreamed about Zcash, at the time I had a few dozen Zcash and I was very scared. but over time, I started focusing on Zcash and today I only have Zcash in my wallet. Many people may criticize me for the risk, I understand and feel it personally, as my portfolio is devalued by close to 78.87%, but I don’t care about that, it could go to zero and I’ll buy more. I trust my instinct and I feel that Zcash will still see the sun, will be recognized. It’s fantastic technology.


Bro I read your messages here… is all good… but Don’t fall in love with crypto if you don’t receive something… money job, ot other similar… here are 99 % from investors in loss and all look for price to go up to make money return or some profit… you must objective…keep it real… if you invest you need profit if you work you deserve salary from zcash… this people here are paid with your cash and from investor point I’m interested price to go up… at the other hand if I learn technology I use it and work for zcash than I deserve salary… dont just fall in love, because at the and can get only misery… we all love this project but we also deserve price to go up and this people to make better desiscions but that is all…not make tattoo with Zcash ot some other blind love…at the and nobody cares for you and me … think about it…


diversification is good

dollar cost average what ever you like

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