Are ZCash Node Wallets Secure?

Clearly Internet based wallets are not secure. My question is - How secure is a ZCash Node based wallet?

Seems to me that by running a node, one also publishes the IP address for that node to the node peer network. Could that information not be used by hackers to directly attack the node IP in order to gain access to the PC running it and the wallet it contains? Thoughts?

you just listed yet another reason to run your zcash node over TOR!

Radix42 - would running the Zcash node over TOR truly protect it? Not very familiar with TOR... My thoughts would be to secure the machine as best as possible - firewall and good antivirus/malware. Then it occurs to me that if I have a node running any legitimately connected client has access granted through the firewall to the machine. So there goes the firewall layer of protection.

Would TOR truly help? Are there risks in connecting to TOR itself?

TOR is going to hide your IP address from the outside to all those other questions, "ask your doctor is TOR is right for you" (I'm no TOR expert)

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LOL I'd ask my doctor if TOR is right for me, but somehow I think he'd be just as clueless as me... Like the humor though! I'll have to do some reading on TOR...

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