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putting this here because it is one of my favourites.

nothing is immune. @shawn you like mr robot (ive only watched seasons 1 and 2) this is real life.

The Athens Affair. (I have loads of stuff like this if people are interested in reading about it - it isn’t your average hack. - its better than mr robot.)

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Y’all might remember this, the ledger pin hack
Be careful out there


Yeah, think that’s bad?

@tromer has managed to distract the cats at mistfpga with his shiny mouse shaped toy. - We were just getting to nano side channel attacks. now they are weaponizing this… (despite my best efforts to keep them focused)

His paper called “Synesthesia: Detecting Screen Content via Remote Acoustic Side Channels” - really great read. however not my area. (side channels are, acoustics are not. neither is van eck radiation. However TEMPEST is. Yeah it is confusing to me too. I let others deal with that.

Would love to have a chat with @tromer after all this development fund stuff has died down, if they get the time, there is strong overlap in what we are interested in.


I remember reading about the acoustic side-channel attack around the time when I first got on the Forum here, it still freaks me out!


This video is a great example of why it makes me sad that the ECC talks with China. (btw you get a small glimpse into how I make my money through out the video. and what weaponised exploits are worth :slight_smile: ) I don’t think I have ever worked with zerodium though. Mainly pentest companies.

Sure the iPhone has never been secure. but watch the whole thing. look at who was targeted and how.

Hard encryption is a tool. It can be used for good or for evil. That is just the way it works. There are some parallels with zcash to this video. But it is not the closed source. zcash isn’t, with zcash technology it is the high barrier to entry from both a maths and cryptographic standpoint.

It is also not a completely fair comparison, the iPhone is not disruptive technology. zcash is. bitcoin was for a bit. but that is for another post.

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