Automatic switch for Equihash

Good evening every one.

I have a an ant miner z9 mini for Zcash mining.

I wonder if somebody knows an automatic switch pool for equihash other than Mining Pool Hub?

Because i can not find any way to set it in Mining Pool Hub.

Thank you very much.


Hi. Many other pools to choose from (F2Pool, Flypool etc). Simply reconfigure your miner to point to the one you decide on.

let me know if you need help with the settings on miningpoolhub. Miningpoolhub is one of the best pools around.

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Dear RingoZA:

Thanks for your advise.

I reviewed both of them tonight.

Notwhitstanding i couldn´t find in F2Pool or Flypool the option for auto coin switch among the equihash options.

If you can elaborate of how can i find this option in those pools i will be very glad.

Thank you very much.

Dear Boxalex:

Yes it would be very helpful if you can give me a hand.

In his web page Mining Pool Hub, have publicated:

  • Siacoin hardforked. SIA Withdrawal is stopped to check network stability.
    Siacoin pool has stopped mining. (Pool couldn’t find any block for few months due to low hashrate). Please withdraw your SIA before 31st Dec.
  • Zcash, Adzcoin are under maintenance in Bittrex and Yobit. ZEC, ADZ related auto exchange requests will be delayed or stopped temporarily

I am not sure if this apply only for payouts or also for the mining.

That is why i was asking about another pool with algo auto switch.

If not i will start the configuration of my miner to algo auto switch in Mining Pool Hub, and then i will ask some more questions.

Thaks for your attention.

Hi again,

first of all the following:

  • Sia coin uses another algo and is not on the equihash algo you can mine with the Z9 mini, so it’s out of interest for you.
  • Only the Zcash notificiation is of some importance for you. Just because Zcash is under maintance at Bittrex/Yobit/wherever it doesn’t mean you can not mine it. You can mine Zcash of course, just in case you are mining something different and want to autoexchange there could be temporary delay. But your funds are there and once a given problem on the exchange is fixed miningpoolhub will activate the autoexchange again.
    Absolutly nothing to worry about at all.
  • Just in case you want to try another autoswitch miningpool, you can try There are even more equihash coins this pool is switching. But the mining fees are higher and if i remember right the autoexchange charges another 2% fee for exchanging.

If you need further help, let me know, will answer as soon as possible… :slight_smile: