Looking for auto-swithing Equihash stratum proxy

Hi everyone,

Lately Equihash became a somewhat popular hashing algorithm and I was wondering if there is something like auto-switching equihash stratum proxy. I.e I want to point all my rigs to one stratum proxy, which redirects my hashing power to a most profitable pool (manually added pools).

Example, at current difficulty/rate ZCL is more profitable so stratum proxy redirects hashing power from all my rigs towards Suprnova pool, if later ZEC becomes more profitable it will redirect hashing power towards ZEC Flypool, etc. I’m not interested in a profit-switching miners but rather in a stratum proxy so I dont need to bother re-configuring every rig I have.

Paid solutions are good as well :slight_smile:

Some big miners already did it. so the ZCL, ZEC, HUSH, ZEN, BTG’s network hash rate go up and down very quickly. It’s unfair for the other guys.

I have an proposal, a docker-based solution, an ubunter server 16.04 with 16GB memory is enough, how much do you want to pay for the solution?:slight_smile:

Mining Pool Hub has an autoswitch feature for Equihash. It selects the most profitable of the Equihash coins to mine. Works pretty well, I’ve been mining there for a few weeks now after using Suprnova, Flypool, etc.

Compare to Flypool or Suprnova, how much more profit with Mining Pool Hub?

The autoswitching does appear to increase earnings in some cases. I mined Vertcoin + Monacoin, with profits predicted for Monacoin only (using Ethmonitoring). There was a clear earnings increase when using the autoswitch feature. As long as the algo isn’t switched (which the site also allows you to do) the mining went uninterrupted. Not sure if an algo such as Equihash (has 4 coins to switch between) would behave the same as I’ve been mining ZCL exclusively for the past few days.