Average mining speed

I’ve been running zcash for over a day now and my cpu load is less than 10% when I’m not doing anything else.

zcash displays: “You are mining with the tromp solver on 0 threads”
“You have contributed 0.0000 Sol/s on average to the network solution rate.”

Could I have messed up my config some how?
I installed zcash from the .deb file.

my hardware:
Xeon E5430 Quad core 2.66ghz 12mb ram GeForce GT630

Make sure you have
gen=1 rpcusername=username rpcpassword=password addnode=mainnet.z.cash equihashsolver=tromp genproclimit=8
set in your zcash.conf file. You can change the genproclimit to however many threads you want to run (for CPU mining)

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For some stupid reason I had it listed twice.

I removed the first one and now all four cores are at 99%.