Background for why stuff is or isn't in 1014


Hi All,

Sorry for tagging you all again. Here is a thread that hopefully clears up a lot of the current confusion as to the intent behind a lot of the zip, and to what was taken out and why.

I am keeping this post as neutral as possible, this is context conversations. Quite a lot of the stuff being talked about has been addressed, I am trying to show relevant parts.
I will probably respond to it myself. It is important you read the thread for context. Please read it. (@zancas puts some incentive structures together. - are these similar to your current vesting idea?)

(it is 300 odd posts) It can be found here. Below I have put some highlights - there is a lot more context that just this thread. I am trying my hardest to get this into summary threads asap.

I did also have a post from another thread covering MGRC as an entity profiting from clauses in grants. in a similar fashion to what @alchemydc is suggesting. It is activly encouraged. The idea is to try to get it self sufficient so in 4 years it no longer needs block rewards but can still function. I have lost the post now, but I will dig it out. I thought it important to mention here.

I am reawatching all the livestreams on 1.5x speed to find the surrounding discussions. My brain had supressed a lot of the trauma of this process, but it is coming back to me now. I will get summary threads that have relevant information to the topics we are discussing at the moment.

Why compensation is not mentioned in the zip.
Why the MGRC does not manage its own money
Who finances the MGRC
Next elections, who is responsible for implementing it, how and when.
Making the MGRC a new legal entity/full autonomy

mistfpga: Option 3B was taken.

an idea of scope of the roles
On investments

@Zooko adding clarity - Major Grants committee


Wow @mistfpga thanks for doing this!

To be clear, I copied the phrase “vesting” with respect to Zcash from @alchemydc. Inasmuch as I understand it, it seems like the sensible format for compensation.

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No problem. Anything I can do to help make this process work has to be worth doing. We all forget stuff, it seems like we did this a life time ago now. 2020 has been a hell of a year.

My responses to you have been based around your ideas you posted here - this is what i ws imagining when you were saying vesting. you later dismissed your own ideas for incentivising retirement, heh. I like this concept though. You were one of the few people bringing ideas that that time because we were all quite burnt out.

I will go check DC’s vesting definition and see if I need to adjust my responses. Ive checked and i think it is pretty much the same thing.

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This is incredibly helpful! Thank you! Even though I had previously read through all of the ZIPs during the election where 1014 was decided, I had forgotten a lot of the nuances around community sentiment for and against certain parts of proposals.