Balkan based ZCASH pool powered by is educational forum for Blockchain technology and Crypto Currencies, based on countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and many more.

Feel free to join us, lets have fun while mine that 10 ZCASH block, we sure could use some miners :slight_smile:

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Just a reminder, 1st one who find a BLOCK, will get extra 1 ZEC for helping us mine our 1st block :slight_smile:

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Thank you bro :slight_smile:

i hope some miners will help us get our 1st block :smiley:

need some asia address please.:slight_smile:

why asia? :slight_smile: we are to far away from you ha :frowning:

meaning the pool...i need to use asia to make my ping low and when i was using the ping around shud be around 100 ..hehe