Best pool for zcash

Anyone recommend a good zcash pool to mine on ?

We are in the process of launching one.
Currently it is has a 0% Fee and PPLNS.
What are you looking for in a pool?

Am looking for stability low fees low min payouts variable diff rate or option to do low medium or high rate depending on how much hash you running. irc chat or slack support good amount of hash rate on pool and fast block times :slight_smile: Abillity to customize min pay rate and also pa runs every 30 min or so.

i havent had a problem with flypool, getting regular payouts every hour, though some people have made some complaints, not sure if its becuase of their connection to the servers or what but I can say its working for me.
just 1% fee now.

suprnova also seems to come highly recommended from most people.


I would have to second flypool.

I’d have to suggest Supernova.

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and id have to say regular pay outs every 20 min since started using claymore v.4 and got a few more RX series cards :slight_smile:

btw, anyone know which exchanges are trading ZClassic??

Kraken trades ZEC.

Nanopool has a good zcash pool also.

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not ZEC, ZClassic… the ZEC fork… anything trading that now?
it shows up on now
suprnova has a pool now… has been consistent with no transfer fees.


Every pool is a scam… seriously


What makes you say that? I have about 9.5 sol/s and it really seems like the only way I’ll ever make anything, even though it’s like pennies a day.

You are new to crypto right ?

Not new, just a little fresh to zcash, did more with bitcoin back in the day.

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c-cex is exchanging zclassic and a few others but with low volume c-cex has about 50 to 60 btc vol

Thanks I will check that out, going to ask my exchange today if they are planing ot add it

@CrazyEarner you know that you want all those features, yet are asking which pool, surley you have the answer… why not share it

I have been on various pools that some have listed and some others that I have yet to try. mining pool hub been on supa nova been on. Fly Pool not been on before and seeing they have most what I want still on the look out for other pools that might be not listed anywhere. Wish PCFiL would make one any pool he makes is rock solid and pays about 30% more compared with other pools have asked to make a pool but no answer so guessing he MIA

Not sure if flypool has ‘diff rate or option to do low medium or high rate depending on how much hash you running’ or ‘Abillity to customize min pay rate and also pa runs every 30 min or so’.

For these features i think it’s mining pool hub or supanova

Flypool and zcash.nicehash being anonymous are limited on features tailored to individual accounts because you don’t need an account, that’s my understanding.

@CrazyEarner pools with not so many users or less hashrate means block rates are less frequent but dosen’t it avg out with bigger shares and lady luck. So, zcash.nicehash for ZEC and miningpoolhub for ZCL would be my choice other than solo mining of course :smile:

Running close to 400H/s + Not use to this type of mining normally over on ETH and ETC lol and use to do older asic mining Just got back into the GPU mining again since ETH came out and building rigs up again. And with ETH diff Bomb on its way unless they fix looks like gonna go out the window soon enough. So hoping make RIO in time with zcash zclassic and etc and any others that might popup