Bankless with David and Ryan - "ZCASH Episode"

I want to pay tribute to @alexontelegram’s initiative to get @zooko on UpOnlyTV. It was a smashing episode. Probably the best UpOnlyTV episode. Period. I am biased tho… There was complete synergy between Cobie and Zooko. Zooko dropping bombs on BTC maxis was crazy. The whiteboard appearance was insane.

Yesterday, another podcast Bankless, posted this on twitter

Bankless is a crypto podcast hosted by David Hoffman @TrustlessState and Ryan Sean Adams @RyanSAdams.

Bankless is more of a technical and serious podcast unlike the goofery and fun (and drinks) on UpOnlyTV. They do a deep dive in topics and is more forensic type podcast.

They’ve had prominant guests on like, Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss (Gemini), Chris Burniske, Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), Erik Voorhees (ShapeShift), Balaji Srinivasan, Cathie Wood (ARK Invest), Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase), Matthew Green, Mark Cuben, Sam Bankman-Fried (CEO of FTX), Nic Carter, Cuy Sheffield (Head of crypto at Visa) and more.

They’ve had medium success with their podcast on Youtube with most episodes garnering between 10k to 45k views. Only two episodes got more than 100k 1 with Vitalk Endgame | Vitalik Buterin and 1 with Raoul Pal This is the Best Trade in Crypto Right Now | Raoul Pal. The podcast is also available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts. I dont know the listening figures there.

David has 158 900 followers on Twitter and Ryan has around 197 800. Bankless podcast account has 216 700 followers @BanklessHQ so they have wide reach on Crypto Twitter…

Ok, so the point of this post is, should we get @zooko on Bankless?

What does the rest of the community think? Would you like to see Zooko alone or with someone else on the show (If, of course he accepts)? Would you like to see someone else entirely? Discuss…

(Yes! I’ve used @alexontelegram UpOnlyTV post as a template Link)


Go Zooko! I support this.


Bollocks! It was a great episode.

EDIT: A resounding yes from my end. The more the merrier. Think of this as organic SEO.


Lets give @Zooko a week to decompress :wink: then we’ll ask nicely for him to go on Bankless Podcast!


I thought the UpOnlyTV episode was amazing, and I think a Bankless episode would be equally amazing, so yes please!!


Its happening:


so anxious!

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Two weeks ago. I wonder when the episode is actually going to happen and then release.

Podcast drop!!


Can’t wait to watch but from the preview, seeing Brave next to Zooko is prophetic. Brave X ZEC partnership '23.