Zooko's news thread

Imma keep this thread bookmarked so I can add news items.

UPDATED: I stopped updating this thread. See the last post at the end.


Like this:


• If you want to watch the crypto sausage being made follow The Zcash Blog's “cryptography” tag and the github issue tracker's both-“Sapling Wishlist”-and-“crypto” label.


This is so awesome:


• Proposed new @openbazaar UI for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, et al. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=283e7BWtPsA
“Bitcoin: Public transaction, high fee
Litecoin: Public transaction, low fee
Zcash: Private transaction, low fee”

The video ends with a request to fans of other cryptocurrencies to lobby the @openbazaar folks to include their fave.

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Whoo-hoo! Zcash made it into the semi-finals in Bobby Lee's poll!

(Even though DogeCoin got way more votes in the first round than any other cryptocurrency. I guess Bobby decided that some of the DogeCoin votes were bots, or he is just going on some other metric than pure vote counting.)


headline: Mysterious troll-like cyberwarrior exploit vendors use Zcash.

initial coverage:
* https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/shadow-brokers-offer-monthly/

good analysis:
* https://www.cyberscoop.com/cryptocurrency-company-pushes-back-shadow-brokers-latest-claims/
* https://www.emptywheel.net/2017/06/01/why-did-shadow-brokers-switch-crypto-currencies-to-not-make-money-with/
* https://arstechnica.com/security/2017/05/new-shadow-brokers-0day-subscription-forces-high-risk-gamble-on-whitehats/


omg U.S. Congress held a hearing this morning about virtual currencies, and their heard testimony that Ethereum+Zcash+J.P. Morgan is an exciting partnership:


Oh, I forgot to put this here into the "Zooko's news thread" thread. This happened:

our blog post:
* https://z.cash/blog/zsl-quorum.html

news coverage:
* https://www.americanbanker.com/news/worlds-collide-jpm-works-with-team-behind-anonymous-crypto-zcash
* http://www.coindesk.com/jpmorgan-partners-zcash-team-add-enterprise-security/
* https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2017/05/22/jpmorgan-chase-to-integrate-zcash-technology-to-its-enterprise-blockchain-platform/#5a546e8b7a33

surprise interview:
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnzcx0iTnfo

other thread on this forum:
* https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/jpmorgan-joins-zcash/16087/16


Zcash listed on the new QRYPTOS crypto↔crypto exchange operated by Quoine!

They sent me this press release:


Global fintech firm QUOINE launches QRYPTOS, a new cryptocurrency-only exchange and trading platform in beta version.


Global fintech firm QUOINE has launched a new cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform called QRYPTOS, exclusively for cryptocurrency trading in beta version. QRYPTOS is currently in beta desktop version at www.qryptos.com. Developed to meet the trading needs of a growing professional and retail market, QRYPTOS was designed to make cryptocurrency-only trading convenient and efficient for everyone from the novice investor to corporate clients. QUOINE is committed to asset protection and secure trading across all its platforms, which are of the highest priority to customers. Therefore, stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes are implemented on QRYPTOS, based on best practices from Japan’s regulations of cryptocurrencies by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

QUOINE will deploy its best-in-class trading engine powering their current bitcoin exchange, QUOINEX, to deliver the same high trading performance for QRYPTOS. Traders can sign up for beta trial today and enjoy powerful trading features such as:

  • Efficient trade execution with QUOINE’s superior matching engine, capable of processing close to one million transactions per second
  • Analysis tools including trend indicators, live charts, and essential charting tools, free for QRYPTOS customers
  • A secure trading platform that uses multi-factor authentication, dedicated private servers, and trading bitcoin wallets placed in an off-line cold storage

The current cryptocurrency market is worth over USD55billion today, with more than 700 cryptocurrencies in existence. Listed cryptocurrencies on QRYPTOS include some of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Monero, with more to be added soon.

“We are excited to help create a truly democratic cryptocurrency exchange market and support the rapidly growing use of cryptocurrencies in the FinTech ecosystem," stated Co-Founder and CEO of QUOINE, Mike Kayamori. “QRYPTOS is a trading platform that is simple to use, designed for anyone to trade select cryptocurrency-only pairs. This expands our offering of cryptocurrencies to customers who are searching for more attractive alternative asset classes for trading or investment.”

“We’ve combined over 200 years of fintech experience from finance, trading and engineering talent to develop a secure, liquid and transparent exchange that provides superior execution capability, on par with the standards of large global financial institutions,” said Mario Gomez-Lozada, Co-Founder and CTO of QUOINE. “At our core, we are a customer-driven technology company. Just like QUOINEX, QRYPTOS was built by traders for traders in mind.”

QRYPTOS currently has an incentive structure in place for market makers. For every market trade completed by market makers, they will be rewarded with 50% of the taker fee collected by QRYPTOS. The taker fee is fixed at a competitive rate of 0.15%.


Long time QUOINEX trader here.
Just when I thought we had a great week as is, this gets dropped.
Good to see they’ve came to their senses and branched out from the fiat to eth/btc pairs :relieved:

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lol, the verdict is out then.
Kayamori is satoshi's great great great grandfather, you read it here first.

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Zcash launched in the Ripio exchange and wallet in Argentina!


I'm excited about this, because Ripio in Argentina (like CoinBR's SmartWallet next door in Brazil) provides ease-of-use for mainstream users. It has integration with the local banking system and also with the local paper cash system. This makes regular people everywhere in Argentina more closely-connected to people in Brazil, USA, France, China, South Africa, etc.


News coverage in Spanish:
* “Zcash apuesta por Latinoamérica y se integra al monedero argentino Ripio”—https://criptonoticias.com/carteras/zcash-apuesta-latinoamerica-integra-monedero-argentino-ripio/#axzz4klBBJ9Ob

Amazingly well-done story about the Ceremony in Radiolab:

Radiolab is a very widely-listened-to show. According to http://www.radiolab.org/static/resources/2014/Aug/07/New_York_Public_Radio_Media_Kit.pdf they get 1.4 million listeners when a show airs and 5.6 listeners on the web site! (In 2014.)

That means millions of people are hearing about Zcash — and cryptocurrencies in general! — for the first time today!

So, let’s expect an upsurge in newbies coming to this forum with questions and misunderstandings and let’s welcome them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations to the team, just listened to it. Well put together complete with a mystery twist :hushed:


Yes sir, indeed. One of those noobs here, intrigued, trying to figure out how to get involved, install a wallet (my crypto first) and if/when/how to start mining. For reference sake, I´m in a country where virtual currency´s are not recognized nor legal but electricity can get cheap <6cents therefore quite motivated to move forward nonetheless. Above all wanted to congratulate the zcash team on fine-tuning their message through the right set of ingredients. Got me hooked.


Welcome! Let us know how it goes. :slightly_smiling_face: