Best way to sell / ship miners?

I’m moving house and won’t have space for in my new apartment for miners. I’m considering selling them on eBay.

They’re both 7 GPU miners (combo Nvidia 1070/1060 ) and have the GPUs hanging off wheeled steel shelving. One of the miner’s motherboard and PSU is in an ATX case, the other is loosely placed on steel shelving (with foam for insulation). I do have a mining case for the second miner, just haven’t been bothered to install the components into it.

I’m super short on time and looking for a balance of ease / cost / return on sale. Should I sell the miners as is or sell the GPUs / other parts separately? If I do the former, how would you all suggest I ship them?

ship them in the original boxes they came in

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you really wanna quit this hobby? you can find a place…under a table or balcony … can’t be that small …or is a flat?

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Sell on CraigsList and you won’t have to ship.

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Good idea, though Craigslist is super-dodgy.