Bitcoin releases

Developers, Zcash has forked off Bitcoin over a year ago, and I assume you are caught up with 12.0.
Since then there has been a whole slew of Bitcoin changes, and Segwit aside, do you consider yourself fully up to 12.1 or later, in terms of the patches that you wanted to pick up already in?
Alternatively, is there a list of Bitcoin patches that you pulled in in the last 6 months?

You can find the list here: Bitcoin Core 0.12.0 · Issue #2074 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

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Two notes:

  • We forked from 0.11.2 (which we rebased on, after originally forking from 0.10), but our changes now are too great to feasibly do rebasing, so we are instead pulling in PRs (after evaluating them).
  • We have pulled in various other PRs that aren’t listed in #2074 as they are from later releases. At some point I’ll get around to creating equivalent issues for listing PRs in 0.13 and 0.14.

Thanks, folks, will keep an eye out.