1.0.12 RC and release

Yesterday we pushed the 1.0.12 RC package to our main repository server instead of a separate server hosting RC packages. This means anyone with the official client installed will be prompted to update to the 1.0.12 RC on a general package update. This was not our intention.

If you’ve already updated to 1.0.12 RC, it’s not a problem this time around but the idea with RCs (release candidates) are to have a package to test with before doing the full release in case of a breaking bug. We haven’t found any problems our tests so far.

If you haven’t updated, we suggest holding off until the main 1.0.12 comes out.

We have plans to release 1.0.12 tonight but we’ll update here if that changes.


Folks, we’ve finished up most tasks for the release but are waiting for tomorrow so tiredness doesn’t get the best of the engineering team. Thanks for your patience!


The release is out! :slight_smile:



I am currently running a 1.0.11 (‘Sprout’ ?) node. Pardon the (somewhat) ignorant question, but I wanted to confirm the terminal commands required to upgrade to 1.0.12.

I found the following command about the Internet and wondered how it might be modified to effect the upgrade. My suspicion is:

  1. replace ‘1.0.11’ with ‘1.0.12’ (obvious one)
  2. replace ‘rust’ with ‘sprout’

I appreciate your assistance.

no. leave this as-is


Did you build from source or download the package via apt?

Hi, @paige !

I followed the instructions on this webpage (https://github.com/zcash/zcash/wiki/1.0-User-Guide) under “Compile it yourself”. I think the answer to your question is via ‘apt’, but I figured I’d double-check.

Ok… so that’s building from source. Use the upgrading section of the guide: https://github.com/zcash/zcash/wiki/1.0-User-Guide#upgrading

I updated the document to reflect 1.0.12 processes.

If you don’t want to keep having to do this in the future, I suggest installing via the apt repository. https://github.com/zcash/zcash/wiki/Debian-binary-packages

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Thank you very much for the assistance/clarification!

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