Bittrex delisting zec, monero and dash. any ideas?

For those who dont follow the markets (like me) - whilst more or everything else is going up. priv coins took about at 10-15% hit today, in under 2 hrs.

Bittrex to Delist Privacy Coins Monero, Dash and Zcash - CoinDesk

Just look at the charts.

zec + xmr lose 10% in 90 minutes

Didnt include dash because i dont care about it. but it did the same.

@joshs acting as a non ecc representative, any ideas? do you think this could impact Gemini? Could t addresses solve the issue (not that any issue has been stated)
@ml_sudo what do you think?

what about everyone else? anyone got some info/ideas?

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This is why we shouldn’t rush to deprecate t addresses until we get regulatory clarity. Would ZEC holders be ok with deprecating them even if every exchange delists Zcash because if it?

Even though ZEC can be as transparent as Bitcoin, exchanges and regulators are treating it as though it is only a privacy coin. So Zcash is getting the worst of both worlds: Users don’t want to use it for privacy because of t addresses and exchanges don’t want to list it because of z addresses even though they don’t accept withdrawals nor deposits to/from z addresses.


XMR lost more in value than ZEC (inline with how much market values Monero when it comes to privacy preserving coin).

This is true! You nailed it. If exchanges delist because of Z-address (even though they don’t support it) then what’s the point of permanently supporting t-addr. I would “consider” not deprecating t-addr if bittrex only delisted Monero not Zcash.

From first principles, ZEC holders should be okay with any delisting because there are going to be avenues to acquire Zcash (ex: RenZEC, Gemini). What’s point of using that exchange if they don’t support what you value more.

This is the perfect time to double down & delist t-address (at some future block height).

There is a common misconception that someone else using a t-address decreases the privacy of z-address users.

We probably need to communicate this better.


At this point, I’m not sure communicating that would completely change ppl’s perception towards Zcash.

Are we sure use of t-addr by other users won’t impact user’s privacy? It’s possible to have some privacy impact iff the person you are sending or receiving use t-addr.

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:100: Tell someone with awesome “communication skills” to apply.


I believe the reason for a lot of the negative sentiment towards Zcash is that it is the only real threat to Bitcoin. Maximalists and Monero fans hate it and then look for a technical reason to justify their feelings. We aren’t going to win them over and we don’t need to for Zcash to succeed. Just convincing open minded people is enough, so I definitely think we should respond to the bad-faith criticisms for the sake of the people who have not made up their mind about Zcash versus Bitcoin.

If I store my zec in a z-address for some time and then donate to the t-address of a charity there is no way for anyone to learn anything about my past or future transactions, or my zec balance in that z-address. The same is true for the privacy of a charity that is receiving zec from a t-address into their z-address.( edit: I can’t think of any attacks on the z-address users in these examples that wouldn’t also be possible if t-addresses didn’t exist. As long as you store your funds in the z-address and don’t just pass through. That’s the key.)


sometime is key here.

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Yes if users are just passing into and out of the shielded pool then they aren’t getting the privacy protections they think they are getting. I’m curious if there is any data that this is currently a problem? There was an article years ago about this but maybe today’s Zcash users are better informed?

:joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s even worse, getting delisted without being a privacy coin.


The question now is are the federal/international regulators going to go after the NYDFS approval of Zcash? I believe federal enforcement takes precedence over state laws. That is the fear I have right now. Regulators are going after securities and privacy coins. Do we know why Bittrex delisted Zcash? Is it because of fears of enforcement? That is pretty rich since I see that the SEC is investigating Tether.

Dash and Zcash got lumped into the privacy coin label and now they don’t even investigate whether it is true or not.

Hello guys! As we understood yesterday, the presence of T-addresses is not a guarantee that any exchange will not exclude Zcash without explanation.

I strongly ask everyone to participate in the reverse process. Let’s just declare our wishes to the people on whom the addition of Z - addresses depends.

I’m starting -


We have 3 sponsored teams! Let’s ask their plans first, maybe there was already a conversation about this and a refusal was received from the leading exchanges? If not, why not do it officially with the involvement of lawyers who are also in the team to get clarity on the point of view of the exchanges?
ECC ZF ZOMG! What has been done on this issue in 2020? Are there any plans for January 2021? The declared mission for 2020 and 2021 includes the development of z exchanges, and in 2021 they said that a real struggle for confidentiality would unfold, perhaps it was already worth starting?
Again, I would like to hear the official position of ZF and ECC on the situation with Bittrex, what measures will be taken to stop delisting or refund after? What preliminary work is being carried out to prevent the network effect of delisting from other exchanges and exchanges, because for several months this is not the first and not the second case, so I see this as a trend. Who is interested in this information, support not with likes, but with posts, so let’s see what kind of community we have.


I trust the ECC and the Foundation are doing their best.

From the ECC, @Dodger has been meeting with regulators and speaking on the matter while @joshs has been working on that as well. Peter Van Valkenburgh from the Foundation is also the Research Director at Coin Center whose mission is “to build a better understanding of these technologies and to promote a regulatory climate that preserves the freedom to innovate using permissionless blockchain technologies”. He has been promoting cryptocurrencies and right to privacy for years. Also, from the Foundation side, @amber has also been speaking to regulators.

So I am confident we have the right people on our team.


Does what? What you wrote and was done as you can see is not enough, either sit and wait for everything that has been done to work, or act. Do you think that nothing new needs to be done and everything is fine? I don’t think so, all conversations will not give any guarantee (see zcash), will delisting from other leading exchanges personally be normal for you, or can you be sure that this will not happen (see Bittrex)? I also talked about the active introduction of z addresses and it was from this beginning that, as we can see, the business is progressing extremely slowly, such a plan or there are difficulties, that’s what I want to know. This is an attempt to get an answer from people who are responsible for their work, and not forum members.
Ideally, I personally would like to receive a response from the teams like: We spoke with the exchanges (list), they are not yet ready to implement z addresses because (reason). We are working on solving these problems and by (date) are ready to provide detailed information to the community. For dealing with delisting, approximately the following answer would suit everyone: the reason for delisting remains a secret, but there is a possibility (or no possibility) to return to the exchange after solving a number of issues. This cannot be done by non-profit organizations that repeat at every corner that the community decides what will happen to the project?