Bittrex Exchange: Wallet Offline + I am an idiot

Hello - On Dec 25, I sent approx 160 ZEC from my Gemini account to my Bittrex account. I sent it to the correct address at Bittrex, however, it wasn’t received because the ZEC wallet has been offline since Dec 24. I recognize that this is my fault and I should have checked first before sending. Will the ZEC be automatically applied to my account once the wallet is back online or is there something I should do? Does anyone know approximately when the wallet will back online? I tried reaching out to Bittrex a couple days ago, but have not received a response.

Hi @aquietinvestor

Your best bet is to contact Bittrex directly, typically if a wallet is offline for maintenance your funds will be available when it comes back online but I can’t say for sure.

Contact Bittrex:

Twitter: @BittrexExchange :

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I have had the very same case with some other currencies in the past sending to Bittrex and it’s not a real problem when the wallet is under maintance only.

  • Once Bittrex finishes the maintance you will see your funds there. A problem would only occur when it’s delisting currencies, which with ZEC isn’t the case. I personally didn’t contact support as i was pretty sure it was only a matter of time and it turned out to be exactly like this.

  • In one case i had with Bittrext a small amount transaction was still in pending for weeks after maintance finished. As this transaction had a value only of 20 cents i again didn’t bother contacting support. In case you see later that your ZEC transaction maybe is in pending status for longer, contact support, pretty sure they can fix it very fast. Don’t think this will happen to you, just sharing my experience with several transactions send to offline maintanced wallets on Bittrex and the outcome.

Nothing to worry about in my opinion.

Have you contacted Bittrex? What solution did you find?

So how did you sort it out?