Lost zec sent to cryptonator

I sent some zec on the 10th of January to cryptonator still nothing there and nothing pending. i sent it to the zec address listed in the wallet… the payment has over 13k confirmations … bit gutted really as i had mined it all from flypool. i even tried a very small amount today and nothing pending again. im using the zcash4win wallet for sending.


already tried cryptonator support but they ignore me.

I had nothing but issues with cryptonator which ultimately led me to stop using them completely… Granted my case was no where near as severe as yours mine was missing for about 3 days with over 1K confirmations on it… Spammed them for a support ticket never got a reply just like you so i spammed there twitter account finally they put up a tweet about delayed zec deposits i ended up getting it but my recommendation is to just use an exchange if possible i use bittrex never has a single issue with them…

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i will keep posting to the twitter ty.

I know its not all that much help but you’re welcome…

I am looking for an answer to the same question. My translation is not credited more than a month.
I’ll try to use your recommendation. If there are other successful methods to reach support - write. I will be grateful.