Blockchain Smart Contracts study resources

Greetings ZCash - ers :wink:
Are here experienced Blockchain developers? Or people, who would like to be? :slight_smile: Well, there is one for sure - me. I am mobile developer and work for a past few years for outsource and freelance. Lately I decided to start mining and before that had Stanford Blockchain and Crypto course + read tons of general info and watched videos. Step by step and I’ve got tighten up with this trend. But, there is pretty lack of information for study. So, my question is the following - could any1 share with useful, valuable resources for self study? It may be online courses, articles ( is great), books, events or people, who can help with greedy for knowledge?
Thank’s in advance for any information :slight_smile:

I just use the app which is called ‘Udacity’, hope it’ll help

This link is the best educational index:

I’ve never encountered a bad article in it.

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I advise you to often visit the Bitcointalk forum, there is a lot of useful information that will help you a lot.