For those who want to contribute!

When I first heard of Blockchain technology was on a “learn to hack” forum on the “deepweb” 10 years ago when I was interested in learning how to hack stuff and I came across someone mentioning Bitcoin and its usefulness. I didn’t understand much of it but said hey I can build this thing called a “miner” and make it work! If it works it does this cool thing and if it doesn’t then well I built something anyway! To me it was a hobbyist project that I kept running on the side. I used to buy these really really loud and cheap dell server blades off eBay to have running doing different things like run minecraft servers, ventrilo servers and whatnot but then jan/feb 2018 came around and you couldn’t stop hearing about bitcoin. I purchased an IDE to usb adapter for my 60gb IDE hard drive off amazon and lo and behold…money. It got me wondering what made this so valuable and after enough research I realized the potential this technology has. The hobbyist in me wants to contribute more than just set up a miner but to have the ability to confidently jump into a developers chatroom/forum of a project I’m excited about and ask “how can I help?” For those who share the same sentiment, this thread is for you. If there are any experienced developers who have any knowledge, advice, tips or resources to link please feel free to do so! In a space over run by day traders, price speculators, and market analysts I feel that the ZCash Community understands the power of engineering and can cultivate amazing future developers to contribute to the cause!


I’ll start by linking some of the basic information about how developers can get started with Zcash:

*Good First issues:

I would also like to suggest contacting other Community members like @ChileBob who is working on Zcash 'Point Of Sale' prototype

@adityapk00 who is working on ZecWallet: ZecWallet: New Name and Rapid Progress

UX testing/support is always needed so even just graphics or QC checking can be helpful!