Can`t run beta2

I have reached to the point to run beta2 but I get the following error:
EXCEPTION: St13runtime error
could not load param file at /home/charalampos/.zcash-params/beta2-verifying.key

Zcash in AppInit()

zcashd: scheduler.cpp:19:CScheduler::~ CScheduler(): Assertion `nThreadsServicingQueue == 0' failed

Any ideas?
Thank you

You get that error when you don't have a configuration file set up. Be sure you have the zcash.conf file inside the .zcash folder.

I double checked it. Nothing wrong with that. I used gedit to create it and just followed the guide.

It's a bug in the code,
I had this happen to me once before and for some reason after starting zcashd -testnet (with no config file) I was able quit and restart with no more error.

See also:

St13runtime_error could indicate insufficient RAM.