Catalog x Zcash community

Hey hoomans,

I’ve just started @ Catalog / Ren Labs as our Head of Growth!

I’d love to have a quick chat with someone about Ren Labs flagship product — Catalog.

We’ve built a cross-chain stack akin to how you might re-imagine a crypto-centric SWIFT banking system to function. Catalog, put simply, is your one-stop shop for all things crypto. Catalog ensures users: 1. Have complete controls of their assets / remain fully sovereign 2. Have unprecedented access to all applications being built out in the decentralized, open-source theatre, that is DeFi. 3. Can intuitively do all of these actions such as; swaps, transfers, lend/borrow/refinance, perps etc. from the one wallet / interface — without any of this centralized nonsense…

We’re looking to connect with the community as $ZEC is a Ren-supported asset, & by proxy, a Catalog support asset from launch :rocket:

Catalog is currently in closed beta but I’m looking to run user testing / product rollout events with Non-ERC20 asset communities, such as yourselves.

If email is more convenient, feel free to contact me via

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!


Hey y’all,

FWIW Darren reached out to Zcash Media on Twitter about further utility from ren and zec, and I directed him here. I hope there are some interested people!


This looks very interesting. I would want to help test.