Zcash + Ethereum Megathread

I have noticed an increase of chatter about Zcash & Ethereum cross chain stuff recently, so this topic can now serve as a megathread for all things ZEC + ETH. I will start us off by cross-posting some previous topics below.


I see multiple links/posts about renZEC here, and wanted to point out there’s another ZEC-on-Ethereum token: WZEC.

I’d be interested for any market analytics comparing WZEC to renZEC, for example, the number of issued tokens of each, and stats about their activity on Ethereum.

From a technical standpoint, my very brief / non-detailed understanding is that WZEC is controlled by a single issuer whereas renZEC is based on the renVM network. Each has different kinds of risk. DYOR.


according etherscan at the moment

renZEC has 4,165 ZEC minted using their VM w/ 70 holders
wZEC has 9,001 wrapped using their platform w/ 7 holders

Also worth noting renZEC is an ERC-20 whereas wZEC is ERC-1404