Change the username in the zcash.conf file?

Do I need to change the username in the zcash.conf file?

No, if you are upgrading from testnet you need to remove testnet and update node reference (

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Should i put my username and password in the tutorial or use that one ?
mkdir -p ~/.zcash echo “” >~/.zcash/zcash.conf
echo "rpcuser=username" >>~/.zcash/zcash.conf echo “rpcpassword=head -c 32 /dev/urandom | base64” >>~/.zcash/zcash.conf

Just to be totally clear, do we leave “rpcuser=username” alone, so that literally all of us have the rpcuser=username? Is that some kind of param or should we pick a (hopefully unique) user name to put into the conf file? Sorry to be such a noob, but you know how technical questions can be…

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did you figure it out? i’m still wondering the same thing myself, and nobody seems to want to answer my questions…

No, I just decided to do it and changed the name; but it hasn’t worked for
me on account of an error about my version of Gomp. And meanwhile I have
got the impression that with just a PC I’ll probably never actually get any
Zec. It’s more like bitcoin than ethereum…

i actually just figured it out. you do indeed change them. if you followed the instructions on the 1.0 Sprout Guide (or whatever it’s called), then that funky string you enter after rpcpassword= ____ actually generates a random 32 alphanumeric string.

anyways, to make money u gotta join a pool to my knowledge. do you know of any good wallets or pools?

Yes, the password thing went as you said, but nothing was said about
userid. And no, I don’t have an opinion about the various pools.
I figure that, just as I never mined gold or silver, I can exchange fiat
money for Zec when needed.

no, i found a thread that clearly stated you change the username. plus, if you’re supposed to change the password (or generate a random one, which you’re instructed to do in the official guide), then obviously you’re supposed to do the same for username.