Co-operative mining

I’m brand new to mining but I do understand some of the general concepts so I guess this question relates to pool mining…

If I’ve got more than one computer that I want to dedicate to ZCash mining, do I need additional software to ensure they’re working on the same block but not repeating each other’s work?

Aside from that issue, I’d like to avoid having each computer individually accessing the network for blockchain updates as well.

Right now the only miner we have implemented is baked into the daemon. If they’re connected to each other (locally) they will have different keychains, and thus be working on different blocks but mostly if not entirely have the same transactions, especially if only one is connected to the outside network.

The story will be different in the future when we have an external miner, but suffice it to say the nonce space is large enough that a random choice of initial nonce will guarantee you do not repeat work on different mining equiptment.