Questions regarding Zcash

Hi. I wanted to ask you in regards to mining I have some questions.

  1. I wanted to integrate a miner software into my own software for my own computers. That way I can then generate all in one single executable. Is there an efficient mining library I can import it for The Rust programming language so I can then code it within my Rust code source?
  2. Do I require special hardware/device or can I just mine it on my own Gaming PC and generate at least $10 a day with good hardware?
  3. When setting up a Zcash wallet, do I require at all to give up my identity?

Hi @rodgerson welcome to the forums! :grin:

I’ll try to answer your questions for you:

There is some open source mining software for PCs out there like Z-nomp: GitHub - z-classic/z-nomp: z-nomp is mining pool software for Zcash and Zclassic so you can create internet money in your home!

And closed source stuff like NiceHash, Minergate and Awesome miner (I’ll let you Google those)

Unfortunately mining Zcash directly is no longer viable with a GPU because ASIC have the major share of the network hashpower and GPUs simply can’t compete. So if you want to mine Zcash directly and be profitable you will need special hardware like a Antminer Z15.

But if you have a good GPU like a new Nvidia 3090 you can use it with a service like NiceHash to mine Ethereum (which is pretty profitable right now around $10 per day with a 3090) and then exchange the Ethereum for Zcash later. I’ve got an older 2070 that still makes $3-5 per day.

Absolutely not, we are a privacy coin after all!

There are several open-source wallets like ZecWallet and Nighthawk wallet that you can download for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android for free without having to register anything:

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Thank you very much mate =D

Unfortunately that is archived :frowning:

I see mate.

Do you know any cryptocurrencies that is the most profitable one out there?

That sounds smart, but what about AMD graphics cards?

Do you know any other mining software where I can use it as a library in Rust programming language and I can then tightly integrate it into my software for my PCs?


Thanks for the link mate :slight_smile:

Only some exchanges requires KYC. You don’t need to provide your identity for your zcash wallet. I use Nigthawk wallet and it didn’t require anything from me.

What is KYC mate?

Know-your-customer is a regulatory policy required of many exchanges and financial arbitration in general

Right I see thanks