CodeUp Blockchain Festival - Nigeria 2022

Good day, we are having the CodeUp Blockchain Festivals 2022 on October 1st in the city of Warri, Nigeria and we applied for grant which can be viewed via the link below
Gallery View: Zcash Community Grants Program and we would like you to support and approve this grant application for us in order for us to introduce Zcash to participants and get some projects built using Zcash. Thank you.

@ogasky, after consideration from @ZcashGrants and sufficient time for community feedback on the forum, the committee has decided to reject this proposal. It should be noted that ZCG respects the team and that you have educational efforts but it’s not the best time to fund a conference in Africa.

Thank you for your grant submission and I hope you stay an active member of the Zcash community going forward both here on the forum and the below avenues as well.


Duly acknowledged, and I hope that my grant application for future project on Zcash will be approved. Also, I will need to be connected to the Zcash Nigeria Ambassador is available. Thank you

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Hi @ogasky. The Zcash Ambassador for Nigeria is Chidi. You can DM him on the forum @lisa001 or contact him on Twitter @ZcashNigeria. Thanks.

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