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Hi, could you add more specific description to the grant proposal goals? I see you are building an actual building but afterwards, what is the training that you mention. This is very generic…

Agree that the description is too generic. Looks like it comes from a template, almost. This proposal has some merit and clearly outside the box of what ZOMG is currently looking for.

If the fund will actually go to build a physical building, would you be open in naming the building “Zcash Building”? :thinking: Not sure about the legal matter behind this idea though.

Also, why Milestone 3 " CodeUp with Blockchain Lab Setup" requires 80k in funding? Hard to justify funding this “lab” when it does not benefit Zcash directly, as that is ZOMG’s mandate.

Hi @ogasky,

Unfortunately, ZOMG has decided to not fund the proposal.

One reason was that we didn’t feel that funding the construction and maintenance of a local physical space made sense as a use of Zcash community funds. It’s a lot of overhead.

Thank you for applying, we wish you success in your efforts, and you’re welcome to apply again.

Perhaps there’s a specific technical project that your community of developers could take on or contribute to? There’s definitely precedent for ZOMG funding developers who are enthusiastic about building something specific with Zcash, or contributing to existing projects in some way.

Thanks again for applying and good luck!


Hello, just seeing this now and I would like to answer by informing you that I manage a tech hub (WittyHub) in Nigeria and I also grow tech community where developers are trained in Python, Django, JAVA, PHP and JavaScript you can see these links below

and they in turn give back to the community by training others too. These I have been doing for over 3 years now.

Presently blockchain is the new order in tech but the developers are not much in my country, Nigeria thus we are now building a community of blockchain developers in southern Nigeria which is the reason for the CodeUp With Blockchain Lab that will be housed in our permanent site hub already in construction. To be honest it is very expensive renting these hub spaces for training and that is why we are building our own space, please note that this building is going to be used for the training of blockchain developers and we intend to engage the best blockchain developers we have around in Nigeria on this project as trainers and the trainees will develop solutions towards advancing Zcash, The areas to be covered in the training are in the following below. Thus, I hereby appeal that the Zcash community should make this project a reality for us and in return the “CodeUp with Blockchain Lab” will be dedicated to Zcash activities (learning, training, meetups, research & development, contribution to open source codes, etc) for the next 2 years after completion and commission. Also, Zcash logo will be well positioned in the hub as the grant sponsor. See the courses below. Thank you.

CodeUp With Blockchain Training Outline

  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Types of Blockchain
  • Decentralisation using Blockchain
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Overview of Zcash
  • Mining
  • Basics of Zcash
  • Smart Contracts
  • Overview of Solidity
  • Hyperledger
  • Create and Deploy your Private Blockchain on MultiChain
  • Blockchain - Outside of Currencies

Hello, thank you for your points, however I want to clarify that developers in Nigeria need some level of encouragement due to the challenges (no steady power supply, no steady internet, etc) most of us face in the country, which generally affect the productivity of developers negatively. Thus, the need for some of us already growing tech communities to address these challenges and one of such ways is getting a conducive environment for developers to learn, code, create, contribute and collaborate on open source projects. Please see above response and help us achieve this project. thank you

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Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the Zcash grant, however my take is different from yours & I stand to be corrected because I feel it is very less expensive to fund people behind tech-hub projects, tech community managers and tech institutions with the competence and capacity of producing large number (minimum 10) blockchain developers to contribute voluntarily to Zcash projects and open source projects compare to just one or two developers with about same fund we are requesting looking at the statistics of the Zcash approved funding. Therefore, I hereby appeal that ZOMG should fund this project and we shall in return take on Zcash project because we need a conducive space for our community developers to function optimally. Also, we are ready to abide by all agreement behind the Zcash grant if approved.

Hi @ogasky Thanks for your application. I personally think your project is interesting and it is a nobel cause to build structures and train people who are interested in learning about Blockchain technology.

However, as Holmes mentioned it’s a very generalized project and we don’t see a direct benefit for Zcash users or the Zcash ecosystem to justify spending such a sum.

I personally wish you the best of luck with your project! I’m sure there are other Blockchain technology related philanthropic funds that would be able to support your endeavors that you can apply to.


Acknowledged. Thank you